World Torn Apart

Story So Far....

Gurmag, Evidia, and Torrin were hired by a man named Baku to rescue Princess Garnet from Emperor Droin in Imperial City. They succeeded and brought the princess to her uncle, High King Emeric in High Rock. While adventuring, the party seen pillars of smoke coming from the city of Wayrest and heard the screams of people. A giant beast later to be known as a Tarrasque, and a women dressed in rougish clothing were attacking the city. The party distracted it away from the now dilapidated city and saved as many people as they could.

Months later the party received notice from the High King that the Emperor was marching his men to High Rock to recapture the Princess from him, and that they needed to hide the princess until it was over and asked them to bring her to Riften, Skyrim in hopes to hide her there. They agreed and left. Several weeks passed as they travelled. Along the way they witnessed a giant pillar of fire come down from the sky and touch the ground a fair distance into the woods. Curious they went to see what it was and found a young blond women lying on the ground, naked. Beside her was a young gold dragon protecting her. Torrin spoke with the dragon and was told that she would be the key to “what is to come”. The women could not speak. The party dressed her, they gave her the name ‘Jane’ and brought her with them on their journey.

Upon arriving in Riften however, a man appeared at the inn claiming to be the man they were supposed to meet. Torrin saw through his deception though and called him out. The man left and Gurmag stealthily followed the man to see him and the same women that attacked Wayrest speaking quietly in an ally. The party immediately left only to run into a couple assassins that they had to fight.

Not knowing what to do the party used magic to contact the King and he informed them of a new safe haven in Hammerfell. They were told to go to Elmore and would receive further instructions then.

They travelled south and took a ship to the city of Elmore, meeting a man named Fredrick, and a sailor named Nyle along the way. While sailing, the ship was suddenly attacked by Merrows followed by the long tentacles of a Kraken, the party fought for their lives. The princess and Jane were on deck with fear on their faces when suddenly the princesses amulet began to glow and float in the air, and Jane started glowing and transformed into a huge platinum dragon that shot a beam of light into the water at the Kraken, who released its grip on the ship and sank back into the ocean.

The ship needed repairs, so the captain decided to beach his ship until they could be done. A few days in the party decided to explore the island and found a Mindflayer locked in a cell. In attempts to kill it however, the Mindflayer ate Fredricks brain before Gurmag was able to slay it. They buried him that night, said their goodbyes and left for Elmore.

Upon arriving in Elmore the party contacted the High King and was told to meet a contact named Wraith at a tavern. Wraith was to guide them to the kings camp. Elmore is full of slaves and a few of the party members were unhappy about the fact.They meet Wraith and after dealing with a few other issues left in a hurry.



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